Nightmare 2 Hunt Vendor Sign Up Agreement

Nightmare 2 Hunt

October 21st - November 20th

$0 L / $25 L Hunt

female, male, Or Unisex 

Sign up Deadline October 1st
Nightmares can be anything from overly sweet to creepy crawlies. What scares you? Nightmares aren't always dark and sinister or take place when we're asleep. Then again does a hunt have to have a theme or just a theme name to fit the season? Sin Original Hunts have started a new way of doing hunts. Hunts will now feature 2 hunt items. 1 hunt item will be priced at $0L and hidden in your store for those hunters that like to actually hunt for the item. The other will be priced at $25L and placed on your hunt sign for those that just want the quick and easy gift. Vendors will be required to place both items out. If you only place the $25L one out and do not hide the other in hopes of making easy extra lindens you will be removed from the hunt and risking hurting your chances of being in another Sin Original Hunt. 

There will be no store limit. If you have more than one store you wish to put in the hunt you need to fill out a separate form for each store. There are no Land Marks in the hunt. It is strictly done through store slurls. So if you sign up for the hunt make sure your slurl is a working slurl. It is a first come first serve hunt. Hunt order is in the order of signing up. I copy right from the vendor sign up form to the hunt list.

By filling out the form  you are agreeing to put in your hint now so I do not have to constantly remind you to turn one in. There will not be a vendor hint form to fill out. I will not accept no hint at this time or hint  will be coming later. You must have a hint even if it just says see hint giver. I will not add hints to the blog later. This is your only time and chance to have your hint put on the blog. The LOOK FOR ME HINT GIVER is MANDATORY and must be placed on your sign prior to the hunt starting. Please make sure you have a working slurl as I will not have time to search each one to make sure it works. 
New action due to issues in the past few hunts. If you know you are going to be late getting your hunt item out contact me so I can let hunters know. If you do not and your item & hint giver is not out I will contact you. If I do not get a response within 24 hours I will remove you from the hunt and possibly future Sin Original Hunts. It can be very frustrating when there are so many that are not ready and have plenty of time for hunters and myself. I do my best to be laid back and easy going but I have to start being more strict to vendors taking advantage.
Understand this is not an application to the hunt but an agreement that you are in the hunt. Vendor Packs will be sent out OCT. 1st - 3rd. Now the dreaded rules and requirements. Please read before agreeing to being in the hunt. Thank you.

Rules and Requirements:

  • Must join the Sin Original Hunts group (due to past hunt issues this is now a requirement)
  • Must be the original creator, builder, or designer to participate
  • NO BIAB, NO Resellers, No Breedables (due to some stuff and/or land being adult) children doing this hunt will be at their own risk.
  • Must provide a MALE & FEMALE gift or a UNISEX GIFT!
  • Place the look for me hunt item Hint giver on your poster
  • Display the hunt poster for the duration of the hunt (your hunt item will not work without it
  • You agree to have your hunt item out and filled before the hunt starts.
  • The hunt item on your hunt poster will be filled with the same item in the one being hidden.
  • Understand You'll be placed on the blog in order of forms filled out. I just copy and paste from the application forms.
  • Understand that welcome packs will be sent out the day after the Form deadline which is October 1st.If  you do not have one by October4th it is your responsibility to contact me letting me know.
  • Vendor packs are given through a mail delivery system that you have to physically push accept or decline through a notice and only when you are online or come online. Please read your notices so you do not automatically decline the vendor pack.
  • If you filled out a form for the hunt you are agreeing to be in the hunt. There will be no store cap.
  •  Have fun! Happy Hunting!